About RHM

The Rush Hour Mentor is a podcast dedicated to empowering, motivating and teaching professionals to live their best lives inside and outside the office.


About the Host

Monica Clark, Founder of The Perception Practice, is the host of the Rush Hour Mentor Podcast. Her career has spanned roles in international development, nonprofit management and public relations, but her mission is to serve others and to inspire them to live and work authentically.

Monica started her business to motivate and empower others personally and professionally, and achieves this mission through mentorship, training, blogging and now through podcasting. She offers practical advice and resources for those who struggle with internal and external perceptions in their work lives, and works to help her clients find meaningful solutions. Monica holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Duke University and Masters Degrees in Public Administration and International Relations from Syracuse University. You can also find her work on She Knows Now, Walker’s Legacy and Classy Career Girl. When she’s not working, she’s spending time with her family, traveling, eating great food or lost in a book.